11-Year-Old Takes Stolen Car on Joyride, Victim Tracks Him Down With iPhone App

HOT SPRINGS, AR - Police arrest an 11-year-old accused of stealing a car from a YMCA parking lot in Hot Springs.

Not even a teenager, the boy now faces felony theft charges after he was caught by a piece of technology you may have in your phone.

The YMCA says they can see in surveillance video the 11-year-old walk in, grab the keys and leave. They say it seemed like he knew what he was doing as he set out to steal a car he's not even old enough to drive.

According to a Hot Springs Police report the 11-year-old allegedly walked into the the YMCA on Werner Street Wednesday evening and took a set of keys from a cubby area. He allegedly walked outside and found the car by pressing the remote buttons.

The victim later came outside and realized the car was gone but her's and a friend's phones were still inside. So they pulled up the "Find My iPhone" app and the phone, still inside the car, showed to be across town.

According to the report, police showed up and inside the car, with the phones in his front pocket, was the 11-year-old.

"He got out of the car put one foot out on the pavement and he got out and they put him in handcuffs," said Frances Losey.

Losey and other neighbors on Mountain View, where the car was located, watched the arrest.

"It was unbelievable," Joshua McLemore said.

The report says the the 11-year-old tried to ditch two purses and gym bags in nearby trash cans but pocketed the phones and $2.

"At least they were quick on it to get," McLemore added about the theft victims and police. "You know, they got their property back and everything. Looks like no one really got hurt out of it."

What he says it does look like is a pre-teen up to no good.

The 11-year-old car theft suspect has a court date later this month.

He faces a class 'c' felony for theft of property.

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