Air Travelers to Pay More to Fly, Help Pay Down Federal Deficit

SPRINGFIELD, MO-- The price of your airline ticket may be on the rise.

And it's not fuel expenses or baggage fees but an increase in a security fee starting next week.

The fee hike is actually part of an act of congress, as part of the bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 with most of the money being used to help pay down the federal deficit.

And it could have a bigger impact on travelers who use smaller airports

According to industry trade organization 'Airlines for America,' about 21% of ticket fares go toward government fees and taxes already.

With the new price hike, it's estimated travelers will pay a billion dollars more per year in added taxes and fees.

The current fee is $2.50 for each connecting flight. It carries a $5 cap for a one-way trip or $10 for round trips.

The new rate will be a flat fee of $5.60 or $11.20 for a round trip.

But any layover of four hours or more could prove costly, since the next flight will count as a new trip, triggering a new fee.

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