Arkansas Husband, Father Awaiting U.S. Citizenship in Mexico

SHANNON HILLS, AR - For more than a year, Mexican native, Oscar Alcazar has been waiting to become a U.S. Citizen.  

In 2013, Oscar, left Arkansas, and the United States voluntarily to go back to Mexico City to do the proper paperwork.  

His wife Dulce said, "At that point we were told it was only going to be four to five months, and we thought as hard as that was going to be on us, you know, four to five months go by quick."

But those months quickly became a longer wait.

"With all the immigration stuff that's been going on lately, a lot of the cases that were already in the system have been paused."

"I want him to be with his daughter, and I feel like it's not fair that he was separated from her because we decided to do the right thing."

The family said it has spent thousands of dollars on lawyer and immigration fees.  

Dulce said despite no solution in sight, this family will not stray from its commitment to legal immigration. 

"He wants to come back to the family and say, you know, 'forget it, let me go back'. That's something we've talked about it, and I said 'no', I've said 'we've gone through all of this so far, we're not going to mess it up now."

Dulce said she keeps faith in the future, "I've lost it at times, but yes I do still have hope. And my hope is that this year, he'll spend his little girl's birthday with her."

This weekend, Dulce is hosting a fundraiser garage sale thanks to donations from her church.  

We reached out to Congressman Tim Griffin about this story, he sent us this statement.

“There is broad consensus that the United States needs to fix its broken immigration system.  I believe that our immigration laws must be robust and that we cannot turn a blind eye towards or, worse, reward illegal immigration. I also believe any immigration reform should include reforms to improve our legal immigration system. I encourage those in Arkansas’s Second Congressional District seeking legal means to help family members or loved ones obtain legal immigration status or citizenship in the U.S. to feel free to reach out to my office, and I will be happy to assist them in any way possible.”   

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