Arkansas Veterans Gather to Protest Suicide

LITTLE ROCK -- War veterans from around the nation and right here in Arkansas are storming the hill this week on a mission. It's part of an effort backed by "The Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of America" or IAVA.

And Veteran Aaron Mankin, from Rogers, is heading up the campaign to combat suicide among veterans.

You might remember Mankin from his appearance on the Today Show just last year. He was badly burned in Iraq back in 2005 with his injuries changing his face.

After 60 surgeries and 9 years of recovery he went on the "Today Show", using his story to inspire others. Now, Mankin is on a new mission to raise awareness of the importance of mental health among veterans.

"47 percent Of veterans said they knew someone who had attempted suicide. 42 percent said they knew someone who had died by suicide. This is an issue that's so important to us. To come home and wanna feel like we have a home to come back to," says Mankin.

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