As Temperatures Rise, Volunteer Numbers Drop

Published 06/18 2014 07:11AM

Updated 06/18 2014 07:30AM

MAYFLOWER, AR - Clean up efforts could be years from completion in the areas struck by the April 27 tornado.

As temperatures and humidity rise, the amount of volunteers and time spent drop.

Arkansas Dream Center took over volunteer operations from Team Rubicon at the end of May. Now they say much of their needs consist of help clearing debris or tearing down homes.

In Mayflower the Dream Center reports that eight homes still need to be torn down while at least 25 more site areas have major debris clearing needs. They say they've only put a dent in the overall work.

"When you drive down the highway it looks like there's been progress and there has been progress but there's gonna be work to do for 18 months to three years I'm told. So what we have back here is people just cutting trees and taking care of debris and limbs. A lot of that has been picked up but there's still an awful lot to do," says Bryan Stell of Arkansas Dream Center.

He says that he has spoken with the people of Mayflower and many of them are very grateful for the help they have received since the tornado and they would like that conveyed.

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