Back to School for Mayflower and Vilonia, Greeted by Golden Retrievers

MAYFLOWER, AR - Students and teachers in both Mayflower and Vilonia are back in school today. Mayflower Superintendent John Gray says about 60 students out of 1,100 have been displaced from their homes.

Many students and teachers spent the last week donating items to families who need it most.

"This is a very negative thing that has happened to our community, but the positive thing that's come out of it of people donating and giving back support has come from all over it's been great," says Gray.

Besides some damage, students will only be allowed to drink from water bottles after a boil notice was issued.

Lutheran church charities brought three golden retrievers to the elementary school, where kids took turns petting and bonding with the dogs. Volunteers say it helps the children process and heal after trauma.

"Many times they'll talk to a dog before they talk to a person, so as they pet the dog medically they relax just like adults and they start talking about what took place and that's part of the healing process of any.. crisis or disaster," said Tim Hetzner with the charity.

Two of the three dogs have helped children from both Sandy Hook Elementary and Joplin, Missouri.

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