Canvassers Make Last Minute Push for Signatures Over Holiday Weekend

As many folks are celebrating America's Independence Day, some are  looking to November with hopes of changing state law. And with just three days until the Monday deadline, those hoping to get measures onto the ballot, are making a big push to get petition signatures. 

In the Rivermarket Friday, crowds of people enjoying the holiday offered petition canvassers a chance to make the cut for a signature count come Monday.

"There's a lot of pressure to get these petitions done," said canvasser Josias Andujar. 

Andujar is trying to take Arkansas counties from dry to wet with a July Fourth push to put alcohol sales to a statewide vote. 

"At all the events there's going to be canvassers -- so it's very helpful," he said. "We're just wanting to let the people put it on the ballot and let democracy rule."

Arkansans for Compassionate Care got its medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2013, but it fell short of passage at the ballot box. 

"We knew the motivation was already there. We had 500,000 people that voted for us," said Melissa Fults.

This weekend, Fults said, could be the pivotal point for racking up enough John Hancocks to bring the issue back to voters in 2014. 

"It will definitely make or break us. We are incredibly close," she said. 

Surrounded by American flags along with reminders of independence and democracy, July 4th offered a fighting chance for those battling to get on the ballot. 

"It's just like right there. We just need to fall over that little threshold. We're hoping this weekend will take us over the line," Fults said. 

The medical marijuana initiative is one of two proposed initiated acts vying for a spot on the November ballot. Supporters will have to submit at least 62,507 valid signatures to qualify. Proposed constitutional amendments need at least 78,133 signatures.

If any of the efforts fail to get the number of signatures needed, there is a 30-day extension to make up the difference. 

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