County Clerk Accused of Making Derogatory Comments Online

LONOKE COUNTY -- Concerned Lonoke County citizens is a Facebook page. It's run by Cristina James and she admits she's been a thorn in the side of county officials, frequently making requests for public documents. "I may be aggravating them by asking for these things but really and truly I just want to know," James said. She says Lonoke County clerk Larry Clarke took his frustration too far in a series of posts on Facebook last Friday. In one post, James is called an "ugly little troll." It goes on to say "****...if you don't need some makeup." "Did I get my feelings hurt? You bet. I think that was pretty low," James said. Another post says "I'm probably not the guy you want to ____ with." James says it was later edited to say "screw with." "It's wrong and it's a public official," she said.

Clarke wasn't at his office Monday, and he turned down our request to meet for an on-camera interview. Over the phone Clarke told us he didn't post any of the offensive comments and said his Facebook account had been hacked. "I don't believe he was hacked. I think he should resign." James doesn't buy the excuse, saying the edit suggests not a hacker but a politician trying to tone down public comments from a personal account that's now been deactivated.

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