Crews Following Leads in Historic Hotel Fire

HOT SPRINGS, AR-- It was one week ago on Thursday that firefighters rushed to the historic Majestic Hotel in downtown Hot Springs as a massive fire burned the building to the ground. The portion of the hotel that burned down has since been demolished, making the investigation into the cause even more difficult for authorities.
Right now, the fire chief says investigators are interviewing people, including those who are homeless, who have a history of finding a warm place to stay inside the building. There were no utilities in a portion of the hotel so investigators says a person most likely started the fire. As of Thursday night, though, they're still not sure if it was arson. "We do believe however with following some of the leads that we have right now we will be able to come up with some information on how exactly the fire started," says Hot Springs Fire Chief Ed David. According to the city of Hot Springs, clean-up can't get started until an environmental assessment is complete. The Majestic was one of two hotels in less than a week that went up in flames.

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