Crowdsourcing Helps Animals in Central Arkansas

Little Rock, AR - A non-profit animal rescue is taking advantage of a new social media, crowdsourcing. Out of the Woods Animal Rescue of Arkansas has used this web based system for about 2 years, helping more than 20 dogs. The concept is simply, web users donate funds through a website, Out of the Woods puts that money into action.

Sharon Hammond from Out of the Woods said, "Crowdsourcing sites like gofundme, have taken that all to a new level." "We are getting donations from folks who have never heard of us for the dogs we've rescued."

In this age of technology a question is begged to be asked, is it safe? The Better Business Bureau in Arkansas issued one warning, just do your research. President and CEO of the Arkansas BBB, Janet Robb said, "Crowd funding, or crowdsourcing is a great way to raise funds on a very broad platform."

"You are taking blind faith, so all we suggest is slow down, if they need your money desperately today, they will welcome it just as much tomorrow." The BBB did notice one item of interests, not all of these websites are free for non-profit organizations to use. Robb said, "That's not a bad thing, it could be a great thing. What you have to understand is there's a cost to doing that."

As for Sharon Hammond and Out of the Woods, small fee or not, because of crowdsourcing, this non-profit is doing things they couldn't before. In one instance raising $700 in just 2 hours. Hammond said, "It has really been a game changer for us."

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