Current KKK Leader Weighs in on Deadly Jewish Center Shootings

NEAR HARRISON, AR-- The motive behind Sunday's deadly shootings at an Overland Park, KS Jewish Community Center has many looking into the past of the accused gunman.

The former Ku Klux Klan leader from Ozarks, Missouri is accused of the crime. Frazier Glenn Cross is now in jail on a $10 million bond. Cross is known for his controversial campaign ads and his affiliation with the KKK.

On Wednesday, we sat down with the the current leader of the KKK in his church near Harrison, for his take on the crime Cross is accused of committing. Thomas Robb says the beliefs of Cross and his own, while similar in some aspects, are built on different foundations. Robb says he only met Cross in passing,never considered him a friend, and that many people inside the KKK organization disassociated themselves with Cross years ago.

"I think the same thing went though my head that went though everyone else's head," says Thomas Robb. "Why would he do such a dastardly thing."

I hadn't met him but he was someone that I always felt,as well as most people, as well as most people within the white Christian movement, was someone you didn't want to associate with."

Robb says the KKK is getting the blame shifted onto its organization and that his teachings shouldn't be scrutinized by the public.

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