Eastern AR Farmers Racing Against Time and Rain

WHEATLY, AR - It's devastation when you look out at Steve Williamson's farm land in Wheatley, close to 500 acres worth.
"Off of beans alone, probably $150,000 and we have some rice we have no idea what the losses are on it," says Williamson.

With the large amounts of rain to recently hit Eastern Arkansas, many farmers are racing against the clock and the rain to try and replant to make any sort of crop profit.

"We have approximately 10 days to replant this and be able to harvest it before the first frost," says Williamson.

Right now farmers and land owners are using pumps to get rid of all that water that is currently on their fields. For Williamson he is running six pumps hoping the water will drain so he can replant his crops.

"If you add 10 days to finish getting water off and planting, we are going to be real late on trying to get re-plant so I am afraid there is going to be a lot of ground that just wont get a chance to re plant," says Van Banks.

Van Banks with the Agriculture Extension office estimates 30 to 40% of Eastern Arkansas soy bean crop is lost.

For now, Williamson is trying to remain positive but he fears what the future holds.

"I don't know about the year yet. It could be much worse than I ever anticipated," says Williamson.

Luckily for a lot of farmers they have insurance, but when it comes to replant crop insurance it will only cover about 40% of their total cost. With the rain still coming, it is still a gamble whether they will make yield or not.

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