Father Describes Shielding Children During Tornado

LITTLE ROCK -- Survivors of Sunday's tornado touchdowns continue to tell their amazing stories.

In Vilonia, Zachary Yeakley suffered several injuries when the tornado hit his home. Zachary and six others, including his small children, took shelter inside a small closet. And although he was battered and bruised, he says nothing was going to keep him from shielding his kids.

"I'm sitting there with an inflated lung, saturated liver, broken ribs, arms, not even thinking about it and just thinking about carrying my kids to the shoulder," Yeakley said from his hospital bed, "I'd rather my kids be alive through a tornado than me. That's pretty much [how] I put my life up like I do every day."

Everyone inside the closet survived. Yeakley says he was able to carry his kids to away from the debris and to rescuers once the dust settled. Yeakley's children are expected to be okay.

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