Fayetteville Fraud Bust: Sandpaper, Typewriter Used to Forge Checks, Buy Target Gift Cards

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-  A two-month, multiple agency fraud sting has uncovered an elaborate ring in Fayetteville. 

In May and June, Fayetteville police and Washington County deputies received several complaints about theft of mail and forged checking accounts. 

Investigators used surveillance footage, vehicle, and checking account information to track down the six people they believe are behind the ring. 

Benjamin Ramsfield, Neriah Ruth, Timothy Allen, and Tracie Farmer were cuffed on June 10 in connection with the crimes. 

Ruth and Farmer were both arrested inside a Fayetteville Days Inn motel room. A search of one of the rooms uncovered several items used for 'washing,' or forging checks.

Back on May 25, Police arrested Candy Forbes and Dion Dawson in connection with the reported crimes. During a traffic stop, police found them in possession of forged checks. 
During a police interview, Dawson confessed to altering I.D.s he obtained from acquaintances using sandpaper and a typewriter, then later cashing them. Investigators caught Forbes and Dawson with the help of numerous tips to the CrimeStoppers hotline after police released pictures of the pair and their car. 

Police also say Dawson confessed to purchasing a number of Target gift cards with the forged checks.
Officers are still investigating the number of crimes committed because new victims are still coming forward with complaints.

So far, $3,100 in fraudulent funds has been uncovered. 

If you have any information, call Fayetteville Police. 

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