Fury in Ferguson Felt from Missouri to Arkansas

FERGUSON, MO-- More boots are now on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri eight days after violent protests erupted over a deadly officer-involved shooting.

Another night of explosive violence Sunday prompted the state's governor to send in the National Guard.

The most recent violence was a response to the private preliminary autopsy report ordered by the family of Michael Brown.

Brown is the unarmed teenager shot and killed by police more than a week ago.

On Monday, law enforcement in Ferguson geared up for another potentially tense night in the city.

With the arrival of the National Guard, the state's governor lifted the midnight curfew on Monday.

Back in Washington, President Obama announced he is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to the city on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis county medical examiners office has not released Brown's official autopsy results.

However, it does say that Brown was shot more than once in the head and the chest.

The case is expected to go before a grand jury as early as Wednesday to determine if the police officer who killed Michael Brown will be charged.

Down in Little Rock, Philander Smith students joined community members protesting Brown's death.

With flags in hand, students took over the steps of the State Capitol and a nearby overpass this weekend.

They're showing support for the ongoing protests in Ferguson.

"The message is that, C.O.P. stands for 'Citizen on Patrol,' meaning you don't have the power to shoot an unarmed civilian," says student Joshua Dumas.

"It's as simple as injustice is a threat to justice anywhere. It could be here but it's not, it could come here but we don't know so we have to get supportive and rally together."

Local protesters gave kudos to Little Rock police for allowing them to assemble peacefully in support of those in Ferguson.

Meanwhile, two University of Arkansas students also made the trip to Ferguson, holding signs at a weekend demonstration.

They read, 'let it be,' and 'we must unite.'

For a look at the back story and timeline, click here.

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