Hidden Cash Craze Hits Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A local business is hiding money in secret places around Little Rock.  This popular scavenger hunt has found its way to Arkansas.

"Hidden Cash" originated in California.

A millionaire hid money around San Fransisco leading people to the cash through social media clues. On Friday, the company iPawn Little Rock started the same event. It begins on social media with a clue and picture and ends with cold, hard cash.

Mike Willingham with iPawn Little Rock said, "It's at least $10 and it goes up from there. They haven't put a limit on it."

Willingham says he hopes people won't be greedy with the money. He said, "Well, we hope what people will do is also pay it forward. So if you find some cash don't take it all for yourself, do something nice for somebody else."

iPawn Little Rock decided to do the hidden cash hunts as a way to celebrate their one year anniversary and also to give back to the community. The hunts will go on, at least, through July.

If you would like to play along, follow the company on Twitter @iPawnAR

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