Hog Fan Calls Matt Lauer's Hog Call 'A Punch to My Face'

ARKANSAS-- On Tuesday, Aaron Nolan from our sister station, KARK in Little Rock, got to show TODAY's Matt Lauer how to call the hogs on the set of the TODAY show in New York.

But, one Razorback fan was less than satisfied with Lauer's first attempt at the Hog call, calling it "a punch to my face" and "disrespectful" in a post on the website Arkansas Fight. The writer went on to say,

"Matt Lauer managed to take everything I love in this world and crush it using six words. Absolutely heartbreaking." 

The writer even attacked Nolan, saying:

"Secondly, who is that teaching him? Who is that? I can think of literally over a thousand people off the top of my head that I'd rather teach the Hog call than that guy. It's awful - he puts in zero enthusiasm what so ever. It's disrespectful. Bobby Petrino looked more into his first Hog call than this mystery man."

The Washington Post highlighted the Hog fan's argument in a recently published article. The article even included a video of another reporter learning how to call the hogs, with the caption, "Now THIS is how you call the Hogs."

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