Huckabee Visits Arkansas to Support Cotton

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Another high profile Republican endorses Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate. Huckabee spoke out in support of Cotton at an afternoon even in LIttle Rock, saying "I couldn't get much more involved unless I decided to run for something. That's out there in the future. Right now we've got to get through 2014 and get people like Tom Cotton elected." After that event, Huckabee boarded a private jet for a quick trip to Rogers Municipal Carter Field where he spoke with KNWA about his support for Cotton.  Speaking of the need to change party leadership in the Senate, Huckabee criticized the Democratic Majority Leader saying, "Harry Reid has operated the U.S. Senate like the roach motel, he lets bills come in, but they never go out. At last count 357 different bills pass by the House are sitting on his desk and he's never brought them to the Senate floor for a vote." 

The former Arkansas Governor and Baptist Minister attended an American Renewal Event later in the evening in Rogers to discuss religion's role in politics with local pastors. 

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