Judge Strikes Down Voter ID Law a Second Time

LITTLE ROCK -- A Pulaski County judge finds the state's Voter ID law unconstitutional for a second time this week.

On Friday, Judge Tim Fox said he'll kept his ruling from taking effect because early voting starts on Monday.

So what does this mean for voters? The law stands and you will need a photo ID to vote in the May primary. On Thursday, The Arkansas Supreme Court is also deciding the fate of the Voter ID law in a separate case.

On Thursday, the Arkansas Supreme Court granted a temporary stay in last week's Pulaski County Circuit Court decision that would void the law. The judge had ruled the law wasn't allowed to add extra requirements to the voter qualifications laid out in the state Constitution.

If you don't have one, the county clerk can issue a free photo ID for voting purposes. Local voting officials say if you do forget your ID on election day, you can still cast a provisional ballot.

Early voting begins Monday morning at 8 a.m.

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