Little Rock Family Searching for Good Samaritan

LITTLE ROCK, AR - On the evening of May 9, John Hughey wrecked his motorcycle on Interstate 530 in Pulaski County.

Days after the accident, Hughey, 25, is in a medically-induced coma with swelling on his brain.

"No one ever expects something like this to happen, I mean our whole family rides," said Tammie Hughey, John's mother.

Family has been constantly by his side.

"Optimism is going to stay high, he's going to make it, he is a fighter," Tammy said, "He went through 13 months in Iraq without a scratch, he can do anything."

While waiting for John to recover, his family is hoping to find a good Samaritan.

"Somebody was watching out for him, he has a guardian angel we know that," Tammy said.

The family was told that John could have been at the crash site, bleeding from his head for about an hour. Eventually people stopped, the family learned. Three people helped, someone called 911, and at least one might have stayed by John's side until an ambulance got on the scene.

"He has a purpose for the rest of his life, or he wouldn't still be with us, and I can't wait to see what it is," Tammy said

This family wants to reach out and find John's good Samaritan.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would love to meet you and to hug you, and to just tell you thank, thank you so much from all of us," Tammy said.

The family may never know who it was, but they vow to never forget.

"I can promise my whole family is paying it forward, we will be helping anyone we can help, we will be, just because someone took the time to help my child," Tammy said.

Arkansas State Police say there were no witnesses listed on the crash report.

If you know who may have helped John Hughey after his accident, email Aaron Nolan at

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