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LRSD Student Makes a Perfect Score on the ACT

LITTLE ROCK -- A junior at Little Rock Central High School scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam. Chandler Smith says he's excited about his score, and felt pretty good about the test. Smith admits some parts of the ACT come easy, but other parts are challenging. Just last year, he got a 35 on the exam, but studied a bit more this time around to ace the test.

"There's been lots of people congratulating me, like some people I don't even know. They'll come up and say good job or you're the guy that got a 36," said Smith.

Almost 1,200 out of 1.8 million students that took the test last year made a perfect score. Smith says there isn't a specific college he's looking at right now, but he does know he wants to pursue a career in computer science. Smith credits some classes at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock, some practice tests, and his parents for his success.

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