Mike Ross Unveils 'Seniors Bill of Rights' Plan

HOT SPRINGS, AR-- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross announced his "Senior Bill of Rights" plan today to help protect and empower senior citizens of Arkansas. Ross said his plan will focus on encouraging seniors to live longer, healthier, and more independent lives, and will be the foundation to working on long-term care services for seniors in the state. 

"Every Arkansan should have the opportunity to retire with dignity, and my 'Seniors Bill of Rights' will help guide my administration’s efforts to protect and empower Arkansas’s aging population," Ross said.  "Right now, Arkansas ranks 40th in the nation in long-term services and support systems that help older people, adults with disabilities and family caregivers."

The "Seniors Bill of Rights" includes seven priorities:
  1. Right to affordable health insurance. Ross said he will protect Medicaid and the state's Medicaid private option.
  2. Right to be heard. Ross said he will appoint a "Chief Seniors Advocate" who will serve as an advisor on senior citizens issues, and be a liaison between the governor's office and other state agencies.
  3. Right to equal opportunities in the workplace. Ross said he will encourage employers to hire Arkansans 50 and older, and help eliminate age discrimination.
  4. Right to food security. Ross said he will work with state and federal agencies, along with non-profits to tackle senior food insecurity.
  5. Right to accessibility.Ross said he will create an 'easy access' website for seniors with disabilities and their caregivers for a 'one stop online shop' for senior-related issues.
  6. Right to be free from exploitation. Ross said he will work with the state's Attorney General to help educate and protect seniors from scams and fraud.
  7. Right to quality long-term services and independent choices. Ross said he will work to improve Arkansas's long-term care services, and empower seniors to make their own retirement decisions.

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