Missing Boy Found After 20 Hour Search

LITTLE ROCK -- Carrie Young was shocked to find what was making so much noise outside her office Tuesday afternoon."We heard a knock on the door outside. I went outside to check the scene out and didn't see anybody," Young said.

She said she spent hours searching for the source of a nagging knocking sound. "My coworker said I can't take it I have to check this out." It was 3:00 when they found it was coming from the 9 year old knuckles of Terrell Holloway. "I said is that the little boy that was lost and she said yeah and I said Terrell and he said yes ma'am."

Young says she recognized Terrell from the news. His father says he left home around 6, possibly worried about getting in trouble at home after getting in trouble at school. Young says she'd worried about the child overnight but never expected he'd be right outside her window. "I said Terrell Holloway, boy did you know I've been praying for you all night long," she said. "We were just hugging and he wanted to know if he could stay with us."

Young says they comforted him over cheese and crackers and called 911. When police asked him where he stayed last night he said he stayed outside. It was a surprising but happy ending to a 20 hour search that Young says was God answering many prayers.

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