Mitt Romney Campaigns for Asa Hutchinson

JONESBORO, AR - "Yes it is important absolutely and we're going to spend a lot of time here. That doesn't diminish the other parts of the state, but this area is a swing area for us and it's important to our state economically and politically as well," says Asa Hutchinson.

The reason Asa Hutchinson says he wants Mitt Romney with him in Jonesboro.

The former presidential nominee campaigned for Hutchinson in Arkansas eight years ago when Asa lost to Governor Beebe.

Romney says 2014 is different.

"I think the people of Arkansas are less and less concerned with the label of democrat, republican or independent and more concerned with the policies of the individual that's running," said Romney.

A sentiment either campaign could latch on to, but Hutchinson hopes to attach himself to Romney for undecided voters.

"My opponent in this race Mike Ross supported Barack Obama for president and I supported Mitt Romney. These are choices that are not complex but they're fundamental," said Hutchinson.

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