More Mailbox Thefts Linked to 16 Fayetteville Addresses

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- More mailboxes, hit up by thieves, targeting local neighborhoods.

Fayetteville police say the latest theft involves mail found dumped in Washington county, belonging to 16 Fayetteville addresses.

And they're linked to homes in the Hearthstone and Copper Creek subdivisions on the city's north side.

Police aren't saying where the mail was found, but officers did say it'll eventually be returned to the owners.

Authorities say it's too early to connect this theft with two others over the last few months.

Eight people were recently arrested in connection with a mail theft and forgery ring in Springdale.

Six people were arrested earlier this month in Fayetteville, also in connection with mail theft and forgery.

Meanwhile, tips are rolling in to the Pulaski County Sheriffs Office also warning of mail theft there.

That's where deputies say thieves have made off with bills and auto parts valued as high as $400.

Several recent victims tell investigators their outgoing bills were not being paid because their checks never arrived to their destinations.

"You don't want your electricity turned off," says Tommi Holleman, whose mail was stolen.

"You send off titles, send off whatever you may need. "You want to make sure things are going where they're going."

Mail theft carries local and federal penalties.

Police want to remind you that it's often safer to drop off outgoing mail at the post office.

If you do put it in your home mailbox, do it near the pickup time.

Officers also warn to never put bill payments in your mailbox.

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