More Protests Expected at Mexican Consulate

Published 07/18 2014 10:11PM

Updated 07/19 2014 12:57AM

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A day of protesting around the United States sees two rallies on the steps of the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock Friday.

Dozens showed up to protest immigration reform at the Mexican National Building. More are expected to participate Saturday.

Edgardo Briones, Deputy Consol, said, "Everybody's free to express their thoughts, so we are very respectful of that. There was absolutely no problems at all. Both sides were extremely respectful, I would say."

The Little Rock Police Department had officers at Friday's event and it is aware of Saturday's rally, but the Consulate doesn't believe added security is necessary.

Briones said, "We have been approached by law enforcement. We feel there's no real threat. I guess they are just going to patrol as they would do in any type of protest, nothing special because it's the Mexican Consulate."

As for the issue at hand, Briones said this about immigration reform, "Its an international phenomenon. It's not only Mexico and the United States, this is happening all around the world. Obviously we are here and that's what the rally is all about, but the Mexican government is just urging us to defend the rights of any Mexican national regardless of their immigration status."

The rally Saturday is set to begin at War Memorial Stadium and end at the State Capital Building.

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