New Challenge to AR Voter I.D. Law

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- There's a new challenge to Arkansas' voter I.D. law.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas, along with the Arkansas Public Law Center, filed briefs in the Arkansas Supreme Court on Monday, challenging the state's voter I.D. law on behalf of Arkansas voters.

The groups are asking the state supreme court to uphold the decision of the lower court finding the law unconstitutional.

Both groups charge the law violates the rights of voters.

Based on national estimates, 10% of Arkansas voters lack the necessary I.D.

The ACLU and APLC charge that the law violates the rights of voters as guaranteed by the Arkansas Constitution by impairing the right to vote.

The law prohibits Arkansans from voting unless they present a government approved photo ID.

If voters do not have photo ID, they must first cast a provisional ballot, then make a separate trip to the county clerk and swear that they are too "indigent" to obtain an I.D. The ACLU and APLC maintain the practice is intimidating.

Click here for a copy of the brief filed with the Arkansas Supreme Court.

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