New Hand Trauma App Helps Save Patient's Time and Money

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas doctors are using telemedicine to evaluate hand trauma injuries. The recent program helps patients get the right treatment while saving time and money. The Arkansas Trauma Communications Center recently developed an App for doctors to diagnose and treat hand trauma. Because there's a lack of specialized hand doctors in the state, patients will use an i-Pad to video chat with a doctor the moment they arrive to the emergency room.

Using i-Pads, surgeons can be anywhere in the world and perform the evaluation, view x-rays or cat scans of the patient's injuries. This type of evaluation can determine the type of trauma, the best treatment for it and identify which trauma center can care for the patient.

Since the program started early this year, officials say they're saving more time and money in the process.

"It's saving the patient's money by not flying them out of state, not driving them out of state to receive several thousand dollar bill for that transportation only to get to the hospital and the injury might not be what was described," says Jeff Tabor, Program Director

The program partners with seven hand surgeons around the state, four of which are in Little Rock and three in Fayetteville.

The program is the first of its kind in the country. It's already dramatically decreased the number of patients having to travel out of state to see a doctor.

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