New Info. in Shooting Death of 15-year-old after Prank Goes Wrong

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- An arrest affidavit obtained Tuesday reveals what shooting suspect 48-year-old Willie Noble says happened early Saturday morning when police say he shot and killed 15-year-old Adrian Broadway.

According to the report, when Noble went outside to find his car vandalized, he went back inside and told his wife "Whoever it is, they will be back."

In the affidavit, Noble told police shortly after he noticed the vandalism a white vehicle pulled up next to his home.

When someone got out and began running toward his vehicle, Noble told police he "opened his front door and started shooting."

The affidavit states Noble told police "he was not trying to shoot anyone he was just trying to scare them."

Noble now faces a first-degree murder charge for Adrian Broadway's death.

The teenagers told police they were pranking Noble's son, getting him back for a prank he did last year.

Willie Noble remains in jail on $1 million bond.

As the investigation continues, so does life for those close to the situation and the school where Adrian went.

The difference in the halls at McClellan High School in Little Rock on Tuesday was evident.

As memorials and tribute posters are unfolded, the absence of Adrian hit hard on the first day of school since she was shot and killed.

"Every other morning I would get to see her in class," Rae-Marie Busby said. "I don't think I was actually really prepared for it cause you have no idea what it's going to be like."

Busby would have had Adrian in first period class Tuesday.

Dozens of grief counselors were already on hand as students returned without one of their own.

"We've even had kids that said, 'I just can't go in that room,'" Principal Henry Anderson said. "When they get into that class there's that empty seat."

Anderson had one goal for the school Tuesday.

"Being supportive, being flexible and assisting through the transition," he explained. "Helping students and faculty to understand we needed that today."

But the tragedy is hard on him too as he's so close to many of his students.

"It's a rough time," Anderson shared. "It's difficult when you see children hurting. And then when you have your adults and your staff that are hurting, it's difficult."

Grief passes were available for any student wanting guidance.

Rae-Marie says her class grieved together.

"I mean you walk in class and you can hear a pin drop," she said, explaining the first moments of class. "Literally all of us cried. Like myself and the teacher included, we had our little moment."

She says however the mood quickly changed as they began to remember Adrian, the young girl who everyone says had a personality larger than life.

"You could have one conversation and already know that about her," Rae-Marie added. "The rest of the day was literally spent just talking and sharing stories and laughing."

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