New Regulations Might Limiting Tackling in High School Football

CABOT, AR - High School football teams around the state are already working toward the 2014 season, but practice time could be limited.

According to reports, the Arkansas Activities Association has passed a recommendation to ask school superintendents to cut full contact practice time to just three times during game weeks. With one of those being the game itself, it leaves just two days of tackling if the proposal passes.

Jason Cates is the lead trainer for Cabot High School, and the former President of the Arkansas Athletic Trainers' Association, he says, "Something has to be done."

"The more studies that are showing that hit counts do count and add up."

Cates said every coaching staff around Arkansas will attend a summer seminar on how to teach tackling.

He said that could help the line between teaching proper techniques and limiting tackle time.

"It's kind of a fine line and so how much contact do you still have so that the body is conditioned to play the sport, plus where you are keeping them safe especially when it comes to concussions."

John Shannon is the head coach at Beebe High School, he says, "I'm old school, I don't think there's anything wrong going out in full pads every day and practicing because that's what you are going to do on Friday nights."

Cabot High School head coach Mike Malham says, "Well it wouldn't change us any, because once we get into game week, we are not going to kill them during the week, you know we just want them to be healthy, leg rested, and be ready to be full speed on Friday nights."

The superintendents will vote on this proposal at a meeting in August.

The Arkansas Activities Association did not return our messages for comment on this proposal.

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