NJ Gov. Chris Christie Campaigns for Asa Hutchinson

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is getting a taste of the south while making campaign stops on behalf of Asa Hutchinson in the governor's race.

Well, Christie is the Republican Governors Association (RGA) chairman and the RGA has been open about the governor's race in Arkansas being a top priority. 

Christie's visit to Lindsey's Hospitality house in North Little Rock comes after private RGA events for Hutchinson in the northwest corner of the state. Christie, hitting two other closed events in the capital city to close out the day. 

Asa Hutchinson is facing off against democratic opponent Mike Ross for the governor's seat. Governor Mike Beebe, a democrat, is term limited. 

We asked Christie besides being a republican what is Asa's number one asset he brings to the table.

"You want someone who has been an executive who knows how to run things who knows how to take responsibility to make things happen that's what Asa has done." 

When asked about possibly running for president in 2016 Christie had this to say, "Fact is I'll make that decision in 2016 I'm not being coy about it. I'm obviously thinking about it." 

Christie has been floated as a possible presidential candidate in 2016 and several political analysts believe his recent trips to the south are an attempt to test the waters on how the northeastern-er would be received by southern voters in addition to lending a hand to his republican counterparts.

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