Phony Nun Dupes Business with Fake Money

BRANSON, MO -- A woman posing as a nun bearing fake cash is testing the charity of some Branson businesses by passing counterfeit money and pocketing the authentic change.

The woman reportedly used a counterfeit $50 bill on July 22 at Abby’s Tourist Trap, which is operated by The Dutton Family Theater next door. She quickly aroused suspicion, said Duttons group manager Diane Barnes.

“The woman in the gift shop just thought something was funny - a gut feeling,” Barnes said today. “After she walked out, the clerk rechecked the cash and realized is was fake.”
“Everyone thought she was suspicious.”

The theater’s security camera caught an image of the woman, but it was poor quality, she said. A quick-thinking ticket seller was able to get a better photo of the woman walking away from the business.

She wore a long black skirt and top, simple shoes and a headpiece similar to that of many modern nuns’ habits. She used the $50 bill to buy a $10 bag and took her change in cash from the gift shop till, Barnes said.

Branson Police Sgt. Sean Barnwell said the woman is thought to be in her 20s. She has not been identified. He said he did not think she was a real nun.

If you have information about the incident, Barnwell asks that you contact police at (417) 334-3300.

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