Picture Taken at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock Sparks Outrage

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Butch Davis still walks with the scars of his army service during the Vietnam War.

"I've got about 20, 25 pieces of shrapnel in me right now," he says.

Combat earned Davis a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. But many who fought with him never got a chance to get their medals.

"We lost a bunch," Davis said.

That's why pictures making waves on social media are so disturbing to Davis and other veterans. One shows national guardsmen posing with an empty flag-draped casket. The caption reads "we put the FUN in funeral -- your fearless honor guard from various states."

"They've obviously never looked into the faces of the widows, the mothers, the kids," Davis said. "If they had, I don't think that would have ever happened."

The soldiers were at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock in town for training at facilities operated by the federal National Guard Bureau.

Military officials say the picture was posted on a social media account for Terry Harrison, a member of the Wisconsin National Guard. Another posted on the account shows Harrison in uniform with a caption complaining about being outside and cold during a military funeral and saying "somebody is getting a jacked up flag."

"20 years from now she's going to regret doing this so bad," Davis said.

It may not take that long. Harrison has already been suspended indefinitely from funeral honors pending the outcome of a full military investigation.

Below are statements from military officials:

"The actions depicted in the photo are deplorable, do not represent the values of the National Guard and will not be tolerated. These duties are sacred. America's fallen deserve nothing less than our deepest respect." -- Gen. Frank Grass, Chief of the National Guard Bureau,

"We cannot speak on behalf of the Wisconsin National Guard or the National Guard Bureau. The social media comments were not by an Arkansas Guardsman, and the training, where one of the photographs was taken, was not at an Arkansas National Guard institution. While we cannot speculate on what actions will be taken, we do know that both Wisconsin and the National Guard Bureau are investigating and take this matter very seriously. These comments are inexcusable; our fellow veterans, retirees and families deserve the very best from our military funeral honors. The Arkansas National Guard program remains committed to that standard." -- Maj. Matt Snead, Arkansas National Guard.

"We expect all of our Soldiers and Airmen to live by a core set of values, in word and deed. I was appalled by the offensive photos and comments that appeared on this Soldier's social media site regarding her duties as a funeral honor guard member." -- Maj. Gen. Donald P. Dunbar, Wisconsin National Guard.

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