Police: Man Asked Bank Teller to 'Spank Him'

VAN BUREN -- Drake Parks faces a charge of harassing communications for inappropriate comments to a local bank teller.

According to the Van Buren Police Department on February 28th a teller at a local bank reported Parks, 50, had come and made a transaction. She said then she received a call around 3:30pm from a caller who told he he was “Drake Parks father.” According to a report, the caller went on to say Drake had said that the teller was being a “c---” today and Drake should be punished for saying it. He told the teller there "would be $50.00 in her pocket if she would punish Drake" with a spanking.  The teller told police Drake Parks got on the phone and said that he wanted her to do what his father told her to do.  When Parks started to give an address the teller says she hung up on him then called police.

Parks was arrested March 20 after a warrant was issued. He was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center.

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