Principal Pays for 'A's

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Paying students for good grades is something a lot of parents may do, but one central Arkansas educator is taking that concept to the next level.

Brent Mitchell is the principal at the PCSSD's Fuller Middle School. Four times during the school year, he digs into his own pockets to make a difference. The 100 bucks he awards to one lucky student for making all A's is a nice bonus for anyone at anytime.

"We are all motivated by money, regardless of our age," says Mitchell.

Usually these incentives come when we excel at our job.

"It's an academic challenge," he says. For students at Fuller, the task of making passing grades is getting lucrative.

"I won 10 dollars for getting all A's," says student Trevor Jones.

"I think it makes it more personable to the kid to do it straight from my pocket. It also allows me to connect to kids that I may not get a chance to interact with on a daily basis," says Mitchell.

Last week the drawing for a picture of Ben Franklin on a U.S. bill was held.

"I was praying in my room hoping that I would win it, and when they called my name, I was completely shocked," says Trevor. While Trevor's winnings will soon be spent, his principal is hoping this gift keeps giving.

"This is a great start for them. If it gives that kid the push they need, I'm all for it," Mitchell says. That plan might work for Trevor, at least to some extent.

"Well, not until I'm like 90 or 80, like for a long time, like until I graduate from college," Trevor says.

And if you think Mr. Mitchell has gone too far...

"I would tell them, I'm crazy for kids, and you should probably do something like that too," he says. It's a case of a principal paying students and possibly proving it might only take 100 bucks to change a life. As for Trevor, he tells us he plans to save the money and buy a new video game this Spring.

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