Pryor, Cotton & Meals on Wheels Debate

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--The U.S. Senate race is heating up right here in Northwest Arkansas.

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor was in Fayetteville on Wednesday volunteering to deliver meals on wheels to the local senior center.

But his visit wasn't all about volunteering. It was also about campaigning, in the contentious race for his seat against competitor Tom Cotton.

Pryor made sure to mention that Cotton voted to defund the Meals on Wheels program.

"You really have to ask why in the world my opponent Tom Cotton voted to eliminate the Meals on Wheels program," says Pryor. "That just demonstrates that he is out of touch with Arkansas."

Congressman Tom Cotton was also in Northwest Arkansas on Wednesday and defending his stance. Cotton says he voted for legislation in support of Meals on Wheels.

"I voted for legislation that funds the Meals on Wheels program but also legislation that recognizes we have to get our fiscal house in order, says Cotton. "Mark Pryor's done the exact same thing in 2011. He voted for legislation that led to dramatic cuts in Meals on Wheels just last year."

Cotton does say the country's $17 trillion debt is more of a burden that needs addressing and the government can't spend money it doesn't have.

Earlier this week on KNWA, Cotton made some comments about Pryor's religious faith. For more on that story, click here.

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