Rescue Group Saves 50 Dogs from Possible Euthanasia

CRABTREE, AR - An elderly woman went ill in Van Buren County when she nearly starved trying to feed almost 60 dogs she had been keeping herself.

Every one of them were in danger of being put down after animal control caught wind of the situation but the dogs have been saved.

Many people in and around the Van Buren County town of Crabtree, including the editor of the local paper, had been working to find a home for these pups after animal control said the dogs would likely all have to be destroyed because of their current living conditions.

About 53 dogs had been collected by the elderly woman who had become ill.

Those involved in attempted rescue plans say the owner was not able to afford to spay or neuter the animals which left the pack to reproduce to these numbers.

According to those rescuing the animals, Clinton Animal Control said they would euthanize the dogs that were not considered highly adoptable.

A neighbor had been caring for the dogs for the last few weeks while the owner hasn't and says the dogs were thin and it was apparent there had been a lot of fights.

"They don't deserve this. I mean, she loved these dogs but at the same time they're still covered in ticks. They're covered in fleas. They went weeks without feed," said April Westling, owner of Loved Me but Left Me Animal Rescue in Leslie. "People just need to understand that just like us they feel they hurt, they're uncomfortable."

A local feed store had donated several bags to help until the rescue organization came along.

Westling collected the dogs Monday to get vaccinated, wormed, spayed and neutered which they hope will start the adoption process.

They say they don't believe any of these dogs are just a lost cause and will do what they can to get them adopted.

If you're interested in adoption you can give April a call at 870-504-1122 or by clicking here.

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