Ross Makes Candidacy For Governor Official

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The third expected candidate to run for governor makes it official. Former Congressman Mike Ross filed paperwork at the state capitol.

Ross is the only Democrat in the Governor's race. Right now he's joined by Republicans Asa Hutchinson and Curtis Coleman along with Josh Drake of the Green Party.

The hottest topic at the capitol, health care and the private option, Ross wasting no time jumping in:

"Let me be clear, I would have voted for it, I would have signed it into law and as governor I will do my best to continue the private option," says Ross.

Republican opponent Asa Hutchinson says he'll let the legislature decide before weighing in.

Hutchinson spokesman Christian Olson issued the following statement:

“Yet again, Congressman Ross' comments today are the height of hypocrisy. Our campaign has nothing to do with ads running right now. Congressman Ross says that they are lying about his record yet he voted for every bill mentioned. If Congressman Ross is going to accuse someone of lying, he needs to back it up with facts. It is a fact that he voted with Nancy Pelosi for the bailouts, the stimulus, and more spending in Washington, DC.

Furthermore, regarding the Private Option, Congressman Ross needs to remember that we would not be in the situation that we are now had he stopped Obamacare when he had the chance. We have one Governor at a time and the last thing the legislature and the Governor need are candidates playing politics on issues. Asa has remained consistent in his opposition to Obamacare.”

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