Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Expected Within 2 Weeks

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The law challenging Arkansas' ban on same sex marriage was heard in court Thursday. The hearing lasted almost three hours, with high emotions from the plaintiffs in the case explaining their reason why Amendment 83, which bans gay marriage in Arkansas, is unconstitutional. The case was heard in Judge Chris Piazza's court and observers filled the room to hear arguments. Plaintiffs presented more than three dozen people who want the ability to get married in the state. The judge did not rule, but said he would make a decision within 2 weeks. Attorneys for the plaintiffs are pleased with the proceeding.

"I believe all of the law is on our side. I believe the mood of the nation and the state of Arkansas is on our side and we should win. But we have to wait. We never know how the court is going to rule. I feel like It went well today," said attorney for the plaintiffs Cheryl Maples.

The Attorney General's office did not comment following the proceeding. However in court, the State told the judge Arkansas voters banned gay marriage through Amendment 83. Therefore it should stay that way.

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