Sex Offender Posing as Pastor Arrested for Parole Violation

"You don't really know what is going on behind closed doors or what they're really like," Dave Lewis said looking at the house at the end of the road.

The shady street in West Little Rock looks like any other family-friendly neighborhood. Those living here say it's not somewhere they expect a sex offender to stay.

"I had no idea that was the case at all," Lewis said. "It's not something you think to check on when you see a neighborhood filled with families and kids."

Most of Jacob Taylor's neighbors new him to be a church pastor. And as we illustrated on Wednesday, Taylor's name doesn't come up in a sex offender search.

But in our digging into Taylor's past, following complaints from congregation members, we discovered an alias of Carlos Norwood.

"We believe Norwood and Taylor are the same person," said Dina Tyler, Deputy Director of the Department of Community Corrections.

Norwood, who even has the same address as Taylor, does show level 3 sex offender status.

When we spoke with Taylor by phone on Wednesday, he claimed Norwood was his twin brother, citing a case of mistaken identity.

While this does appear to be a case of multiple identities, DCC said there's no evidence Taylor has a twin brother. The allegations raised in our story, Tyler said, led to an early morning search of Taylor's home on Thursday.

"During the search we discovered electronic images of a sexual nature that would not be appropriate for a sex offender to have."

Just to double check, we asked the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office what information it had on Norwood and Taylor. According to the public information officer and office documents, Norwood is an alias of Taylor. Both Carlos Norwood and Jacob Taylor have the same date of birth and Social Security Number in their system.

"If somebody is living a double life , saying they live in light but they're really in darkness, it's concerning," Lewis said.

According to Tyler, a citizen had filed an unrelated complaint earlier in the month about Taylor. However, that person never followed up with proof. Still, parole officers had tried to conduct a home visit last week, but Taylor wasn't home.

Thanks to those congregation members willing to step forward after feeling duped by the man who shepherded their church, Taylor/Norwood is back behind bars.

"Because your story contained allegations we hadn't heard it was our duty to follow up," Tyler said.

According to Tyler, DCC takes parole issues seriously. Tyler said many parolees follow requirements and restrictions for their parole. It appears, she said, that Taylor simply was not among them.

As of Wednesday, Little Rock Police were trying to determine if sex offender notifications were issued to the neighborhood Taylor lived in. No neighbors we spoke to said they had been notified by police of Taylor/Norwood's status.

Level 3 sex offenders, by law, warrant a notification to neighbors, churches, schools and businesses in a one-mile radius of where a sex offender lists his or her address(es).

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