Spam Phone Calls Slam Arkansas Senate Office

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- The Arkansas Senate office says they've received hundreds of phone calls from folks who say they got a missed call from them.  The problem is, the office says it's not making the calls.

Ann Cornwell, director of the state senate, said it started a few days ago and since then the phone rings as often as 30 times an hour.  Many are hang ups but those who they do talk to tell them their phone logged a missed call from the senate office number, 501-682-6107.  Cornwell said most of the callers are coming from the Northwest Arkansas area and they've traced the phone calls to a marketing group, Eton Marketing, based out of Phoenix that also has an office in Fayetteville.  She added they've have been unable to file a complaint with the company so far.

A viewer tells us he received at least 7 hang ups to his cell phone on Wednesday.

We have reached out to Eton Marketing for comment.

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