Students Hope to Save Their Steinway

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Little Rock's Central High School is known for its rich history.

Now students are working to preserve one of the oldest items in the building.

The Tiger Foundation and Alum Julie Keller are spearheading a campaign to save a handmade piano.

It's more than 80 years old, and in tip top shape could be worth more than $80,000, but it's been through a few rough decades.

It's a bit off, but not bad for a piano that's lived at Central High School since it opened in 1927.

It hasn't been played since before teacher Kirby Shofner came to central in the 80's.

And it was almost thrown away.

"It had been sanctioned to be salvaged; they were were going to take it to be salvaged," Shofner said.

But the choir instructor knew its significance, and Shofner's class searched Old Central High yearbooks for old photos.

It's missing the true Steinway sound, and some authentic Steinway parts, so students put together a website and video campaign to save their Steinway.

"I think they realize this is a true artifact and they really embrace this and take control of this project," Shofner said. "The ownership has been a good thing for them.

They're hoping to restore the piano and give the next generation a chance to hold on to this piece of history.

Click here to learn how to send donations to the Tiger Foundation, just search for the SOS Save Our Steinway box.

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