Supreme Court Reviews Dash Cam Video in 'Excessive Force' Case

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The Supreme Court is reviewing the use of deadly force in a police chase out of West Memphis Arkansas. Dash cam video from 2004 shows how the traffic stop for a busted headlight turned deadly. The driver takes off leading officers on a chase through two states. Police corner the vehicle and open fire. Two minutes later the Honda crashes into a house. Both people inside died. But their family sued, claiming the officers used excessive force. "There is a line that you do not cross and deadly force is that line unless it's justified," says Gary Smith, attorney for Donald Rickard's family. "They were reasonably in danger. It was up in the air what was going on next. Certainly the public is in danger anytime somebody careens down the road at 100 mph or more," said Michael Mosley, Attorney for Police Officers. A precedent set by the High Court in 2007 favors police generally protecting them from civil liability in fast-moving situations like this. Now, this case gives the Justices a chance to revisit that decision, testing the limits of police discretion when it comes to using deadly force.

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