Time is Ticking to Tax Day Deadline; Have You Filed?

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS-- Deadline day is near. Have you filed your taxes? It's not too late to get your paper work in order but time is running out until April 15th. So what do you need? "You want to get all your paperwork together," says Sarah Hamilton, Jackson Hewitt Area Manager. "The more you have ready to go, get it itemized. You need to have the income that you made for that year like your W2 forms, your 1099s and your deductions. Like if you own a home maybe your mortgage interest, your 1098 is what that would be. If you went to school, you may wanna bring your 1098T for your education expenses. Also, don't forget to check the qualifications and reputation of your tax preparer. Make sure they have a tax identification number from the IRS. And make sure to ask whether your tax preparer is open throughout the year in case you or the IRS has follow-up questions.

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