Undercover Operation Busts Prostitution in Hot Springs"Oriental Spa"

HOT SPRINGS, AR - For the second time this week undercover agents crack down on prostitution in central Arkansas.

Earlier this week agents focused on a number of hotels in North Little Rock.

Friday (6/20) we learn of another in Hot Springs. The crackdowns are un-related.

Three women were arrested at a business called "Oriental Spa" for prostitution following an undercover operation.

People who work and live in the area of the business, near the corner of Olive St. and Central Avenue, weren't too shy Friday to talk to about what they say happens there.

"Well you know what's going on," Karen said. "You can see them when they come out."

"Oh yeah," Ravonna confirmed. "They stand out there in their negligees sometimes."

In Hot Springs, or the "Spa City", some people say this spa isn't welcome.

They say they've known what's been going on and are pleased the Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) has taken action.

"It's not good for our city. It's not good for us at all, period to have this type of business in our city. So we take this seriously," said Cpl. McCrary Means, Public Information Officer with HSPD. "So therefore, we had to do something about it."

According to Cpl. Means, this started with several complaints against the "Oriental Spa."

Garland County Records show the property where "Oriental Spa" sits is owned by a couple named Dale and Roberta Kloss. The Assessors Office says the Kloss' own four other properties in the immediate area.

On June 16, on three separate occasions starting at 4:30 pm., undercover agents with HSPD went inside "Oriental Spa" for an investigation.

Once inside the report the agents filed says they were offered different packages.

According to their report, the packages included "topless massages for $80",  "full nude for $180" and/or "touching, "Playing" for $200."

It says different girls offered "other packages ... included oral sex for $100 and full service "sex" for $200."

After each selecting a certain massage, agents were asked to get undressed and get under a towel. The report says one woman came in and "took off her dress and began the massage."

That wasn't the end of it however. According to the report each of the girls involved tried to engage the agent sexually.

Those three women were the "manager", Cierra Demers, 21; Teagan Cass, 28; and Sharon King, 28, all of Hot Springs.

Demers apparently told the undercover officer she has "been the manager of the spa for over a year and that none of the females are licensed massage therapists."

She faces one count of promoting prostitution and all three women face a single count of prostitution.

Friday, Demers was inside the Spa and answered the door. She initially declined to comment but then told the reporter that they are still open for business just not operating the way they were before. She wouldn't say exactly what that meant.

HSPD reports there could be other illegal operations in the Spa City.

"I would believe that this is not the end of it," Cpl. Means said. "I believe that there will probably be some more investigations."

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