Victim Recalls Little Rock Plane Crash, 15 Years Later

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Fifteen years ago Carla Koen took her seat on the flight headed for Little Rock, never knowing that today she would have a permanent reminder of that flight.

Fifteen years later Carla Koen can look at this scar without any fear.

"That moment when you lean forward in the chair when the brakes are applied you keep waiting for that and it didn't happen and that's when something in me just knew something was wrong," says Koen.

That scar from this night fifteen years ago when American Airlines Flight 1420 in bound from Dallas slid off the runway at the Little Rock airport while landing in a severe thunderstorm.

"If you look at photographs you will see the word American and you will see just past there where the plane is cracked apart and thats where I got out," says Koen.

Of the 145 passengers on the plane, 11 died and 110 were injured. Carla says it was the worst day of her life but as the years pass by, so does the pain of that day.

"15 years, that's a third of my life that has gone by since then and every day the difficulty that I have associated with that gets a little easier," says Koen.

And that scar now a reminder of just how precious life is.

Since then Carla has been able to get back on a plane and travels with confidence.

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