Volunteers Clean Up Morrilton Dog Pound

MORRILTON, AR – A community worked hard to improve a local dog pound’s conditions and on Sunday, got its validation.

Volunteers with Morrilton Animal Control worked with the city’s mayor to clean up the pound and get as many dogs adopted as they could.

Back in June, volunteers were outraged with what they said was Mayor Stewart Nelson’s poor upkeep of the facility. They found piles of feces inside crowded, uncleaned dog cages and held Nelson responsible.

Nelson explained that the pound was overcrowded due to many people in the city dropping off dogs that were not spayed or neutered. He added that he agreed to let volunteers pull dogs out and find homes for them instead of euthanizing the pets every two weeks.

A dog hasn’t been euthanized at the facility since October 2013.

But holding all the dogs in the facility resulted in overcrowding so the volunteers, Nelson and the city’s chief of police came to an agreement—the dogs could stay just as long as the people who wanted them in the facility would manage its upkeep.

Nelson granted some of the volunteers a key to the pound so they could have 24-hour access. Since then, volunteer Clarissa Riedmueller with KC Pet Rescue, said the facility would be cleaned two times a week.

She also added that volunteers could take the dogs for walks often and let potential adopters get to know them.

“If we can open the door to let the public just see what’s going on, it’s gotten a lot better,” Riedmueller said.

About 30 people visited the facility last week. Some donated fans and money and helped clean while others adopted. There were about 27 dogs in the facility before the visitors came. As of Sunday, there 12—a number volunteers were comfortable with.

Another problem that still remained in the town was overcrowding in the pounds due to people not taking good care of their pets. Often times people will avoid getting their pets spayed and neutered, which results in the dogs having puppies and people dumping them at the pound.

“If we don’t step up and we don’t show that we’re interested then we can’t expect everybody else to either,” said volunteer, Suzette Geer.

The city also cleaned and cleared up land that it will make available for the volunteers to lease another facility. Mayor Nelson said they could use the facility for administrative purposes or for space if overcrowding occurs again.

Riedmueller said they hadn’t decided on whether to lease the space.

To help with Morrilton Animal Control, donate or adopt a pet you can visit the Morrilton Pound Puppies Facebook page by clicking here.

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