Walmart's 'Women-Only' Brand Draws Local Businesswoman

BENTONVILLE, AR-- Walmart is betting products made by 'women only' may influence shoppers to add items to their carts.

The company teamed up with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council or WBENC For the project.

This September, the retailer will begin carrying a variety of merchandise stamped with the new "Women Only" logo.

Products will range from lingerie to salsa to bathroom cleaner.

"We actually researched our customers to figure out if they wanted to know what products were coming from women-owned businesses," says Mikaela Wardlaw Lemmon, with Women's Economic Empowerment Walmart.

"It turns out that they do. 90% of our female customers said they would be likely or very likely to go out of their way to purchase products from women-owned companies. So, that was really compelling to us. We needed to create something that would allow customers to identify products that were coming form these companies."

The company's research also showed women felt female-owned businesses represent high quality products-- an important factor to shoppers.

That's good news for ladies like Helen Lampkin, local owner of 'My Brother's Salsa.'

Lampkin thinks the new labels will be a useful tool to her business and others like it.

"For the consumer, they'll know who they're buying from. Because they are interested in that, they may actually research who actually are the owners of the company," Lampkin. So, for us, it means that they would learn that we're a family owned business, that we are based right here in Northwest Arkansas and that we care about them as a family."

The labels are 'global,' meaning they may soon also be found in other retailers as well.

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