Woman Claims She was Fired for Reporting Texting Truck Driver

CLINTON, AR -- A Central Arkansas truck driver has been caught on his phone while driving.

The person who took the video was a coworker who says she was fired after reporting what was going on.

The video shows a driver repeatedly looking down at his phone while behind the wheel of a big rig hauling waste water from Fracking operations in the Clinton area.

"You can see him in the video, he's not even looking at the road," said Crystal Brock.

Brock says she started working for the Triple Transport trucking company on July 7th. The video shows the man who was training her.

"That wasn't the only time," she said of the driver using his phone while on the road. "That was the only time I got it on video."

Brock says she took the video because she was scared for her life and other people on the road. She says she sent the video to a supervisor last Wednesday. The next day she was scheduled to work was Monday.

"I went in and they said you're fired,'" Brock said.

Brock says she was merely reporting a violation of the company's own handbook and state law.

"[Commercial drivers] are allowed to do one-touch answer or one-touch end calls, but that's about the extent of what's allowed by the law," said Shannon Newton with the Arkansas Trucking Association. "It's disappointing for any industry whenever you have someone out there who is not abiding by the laws."

In an email statement, Triple Transport owner Rod Krug said the following Monday:

"Triple Transport lives by our company motto, "Safety 1st." As soon as our management team was made aware of this offense, today, the driver in question was put on suspension pending our investigation. If the employee is found to have violated our safety guidelines, which prohibits the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while operating a vehicle, he will be disciplined within the guidelines of our policy. This video will be added to our current and on going Distracted Driver Training. We strive to make the roadways safe for our community, as well as our employees."

Still, the company defended Brock's firing saying it was poor driving not the video that cost her the job.

Brock says she has no regrets.

"It was extremely, seriously dangerous," Brock said.

We also spoke Monday with the driver shown in the video who said the only time he was using his phone was to contact his sick wife.

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