Woman Just Learns She's Been Paying Thousands in Unnecesary Sewage Bills

KNWA via KARK-- For 14 years, Pam Bradley used her sink and other water utilities in her house without thinking twice.

"Every month, I would go and make my payment," Bradley said.

It wasn't until April of this year that Bradley realized something was wrong.

"I was having plumbing issues," she said.v"So I called my plumber out here."

He came to her home off Scott Hamilton Dr. to take a look.

"He said 'Miss Bradley, you have a septic tank,'" Bradley recalled.

Since she first bought the home in 2000, Bradley and her lawyer estimate she's paid $9,000 dollars in unnecessary sewage bills to Little Rock Wastewater.

Bradley asked for a refund, but the agency is only offering three years worth of payments -- less than $1,500.

"I don't think that's fair," said Ward 2 City Director Ken Richardson who is advocating that she get all her money back.

Bradley has since had her septic tank removed and is now hooked up to city sewer service.

She hopes Little Rock Wastewater will change its mind so 14 years of payments won't have been flushed down the toilet.

"I'm just asking for my money," Bradley said.

Sewer bills in Little Rock are calculated by the amount of fresh water used during winter months. Little Rock Wastewater says the three years of bills it's willing to return is actually a generous offer as a city ordinance would normally only allow for a one year refund.

The issue is set to be in front of the Sanitary Sewer Committee next month.

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